Blue Wave Marine Surveyors, LLC

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Our Goal is to Maintain The Highest Standards of Quality And Ethics in Marine Surveying

All vessels surveyed are checked for compliance with Federal Regulations, U.S.C.G. requirements, Canadian Steamship Inspection, I.M.O. requirements, A.B.Y.C. and N.F.P.A. Safety Recommendations.

Our Company provides an extensive examination of motor and sailing vessels, barges, tugs, float homes, ocean ships and machinery afloat and dry docked.

A thorough inspection using modern diagnostic equipment:
  • Internal (Borescope) Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
  • Marine Moisture Meter
  • Compression Testing and Engine/Generator Analysis
  • Hull Corrosion and Osmosis Analysis
  • Vibration Testing and Analysis


- We Survey -

We provide these services anywhere they are needed and welcome our clients' presence while conducting the survey.

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